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History of IEC

IEC-OKC, Inc was originally created in 1961 by 31 charter members across the state who saw a need for a collective voice for open-shop electrical contractors and a mechanism for training the industry’s future workers. Some of the founding members included Bowers Electric, Boggs Electric, Bramlett Electric, C & C Electric, Cobb Electric, Colter Electric, Cotton Electric, Del City Electric, Depron Electric, Bill Green Electric, Hames Electric, Hentricks Electric, Otto Krueger Electric, Matthews Electric, Miller Electric, Moisant Electric, A.E. Nott Electric, Parker Electric, Roy Smith Electric, Stanbrough Electric, Wallace Electric, M.A.Walker Electric, Wright Electric & last but not least Winfred Wright Electric and few more.  It is also important to note that one of the signatures on the earliest documents from IECA National, originating in Texas, was by a Mr. Paul Colter - Colter Electric from Oklahoma City, OK in 1958. (Special Thanks to Winfred Wright, Jim Krueger, Buddy Cobb and Charles Duncan for their assistance in the recall and preservation of IEC-OKC history.)

The association enjoyed prosperity in its early days and it established its apprenticeship program. However, not unlike many associations during the 80’s bust, this chapter was forced into period of dormancy in 1985.

In 1994, six (6) contractors were determined to resurrect the chapter to meet the varied needs of the open-shop electrical contracting community. Harrison-Duncan Electric, Delta Electrical Contracting, OKC Electrical Contractors and Wetherbee Electric formed a trustee relationship and, pitching in together, they purchased the building located at 1504 South Walker Avenue (current location) for the primary purpose of providing adequate and appropriate space for training apprentices. Additionally, Hames Electric and J. Curry Electric participated heavily as anchor members of the 1994 group. In 1995, the IEC-OKC Executive Committee saw the need to add staff dedicated to managing the growing organization and hired its first Executive Director since the re-organization.

From there IEC-OKC began to grow, adding members and apprentices steadily throughout the latter 1990’s.

Today, IEC-OKC has grown to 41 contractor members and 21 partners, we are continuing to develop new member services and provide education opportunities from apprenticeship training and courses targeted at journey level personnel to safety and business management training.

 The future of IEC-OKC is very bright and we invite you to join our family!

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