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What is IEC-OKC?

For more than 40 years, the Independent Electrical Contractors Association (IEC) has faced the challenges imposed by the changing world of the electrical industry. IEC has built a reputation as the premier trade association, aggressively working with the industry to establish a successful business environment for "Open Shop" Electrical Contractors.

IEC-OKC represents over 42 independent electrical contractors and over 21 industry partners.  Our members represent small businesses engaged in the design, distribution, sale, construction, installation and maintenance of electrical wiring and devices for homes, schools, stores, highways, industrial plants, and other projects that touch every aspect of American life.  IEC attempts to further the growth of our economy through skilled manpower and the principle of free enterprise.

IEC-OKC is actively involved with congressional issues that affect the everyday business of independent contractors.  And we continue to develop new member services and provide education opportunities from apprenticeship training and courses targeted at journey level personnel from safety to business management training.

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Philosophy & Strengths

Core Beliefs

The mission of IEC is to enhance the independent electrical contractor’s success by developing a professional workforce, communicating clearly with government, promoting ethical business practices, and providing leadership for the electrical industry.

Independence Through Unity

IEC will be recognized as the source of innovative education, products and services to enhance member productivity, profitability and competitiveness through appropriate delivery channels, such as other chapters, strategic partners and various technologies, thereby securing the competitive advantage.

Philosophy and Strengths
Electrical contractors who practice the "Open Shop" philosophy support an association that is dedicated to their success as well as the success of their businesses. IEC members work together to ensure that the independent sector retains its dominance of the electrical construction market. Through membership with this national organization and their state chapter associations, electrical contractors increase their chances for success in a competitive construction marketplace.

Core Beliefs
  IEC Members:

    Put safety first.
    Promote the open shop philosophy.
    Strive to the highest ethical behavior, integrity and professionalism.
    Are committed to lifetime learning.
    Are committed to an educated workforce.
    Use current and new technology to its maximum potential.
    Embrace change with creative thinking.
    Constantly seek opportunities to offer new products or services.
    Strive to reduce costs and improve productivity.

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