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Just trying to gather information about becoming an electrician:

    Becoming a professional electrician is a smart choice.  With an increasing reliance on electrical appliances and automated systems in residential and commercial buildings, trained electrical workers are more important than ever.  And with a projected shortage of electrical workers, prospects for employment and advancement in the industry have never been brighter.   Finding a quality electrical apprenticeship program is the first step toward your career in electricity.  Read More...

You have already decided, being an electrician is your career choice:

    IEC-OKC provides both employment opportunities and training programs to advance your career.  IEC-OKC will help you find a job and offers you classroom training through our Electrical Apprenticeship Program.  IEC-OKC currently has over 100 apprentices in the OKC Metro area.  Nationally, there are nearly 10,000 apprentices enrolled in IEC's Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training approved program.

    Once you have completed the Apprenticeship & Training program, and passed the Oklahoma State Electrical Journeyman’s Examination, you are certified as a journeyman electrician.  There are many specialty areas that you can work in within the industry.  The major categories of work are:  residential, commercial (non-residential), and industrial (factories).  In each of these areas you might work in new construction or service.  IEC-OKC strives to develop courses to assist you as your career progresses.  Check our website often for the latest course offerings.

Endless job opportunities:

If you choose, you may want to continue to a new position, such as an electrical foreman, who supervises other electricians and oversees the work on a particular jobsite.  This is also considered a management level position.

An estimator is another direction that you can take your career.  This involves working indoors, providing estimates on potential jobs.  Most people will start bidding very small jobs and work their way up to multi-million dollar bids.

Project managers are coordinators that oversee electrical projects assuring that they proceed according to schedule, and within established budgets. The project manager is responsible for making sure that material, equipment and information is delivered to the installation team in the field. Project managers work primarily in the office with regular field visits to the project sites. The project manager is also the point of contact with the General Contractor and the Owner’s representative.

In larger companies a superintendent oversees many jobsites and the foreman on the jobsites.  The superintendent makes sure the jobs are staffed with helpers, apprentices and electricians.

Electrical Contractors own the company and are responsible not only for the electrical work performed, but also the accounting, business operations and the future of the company.  The company may be as small as one person or as large as several hundred workers.

For more detailed information about the nature of work and opportunities for electricians, please visit the following site:

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