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As the demands on an Electrical Contractor continue to increase, IEC-OKC strives to provide our members with services that will help them run their companies.  IEC represents the needs of our members and while promoting the merit shop philosophy.

IEC offers many benefits to our members on a national and local level.  Some of the services that are provided by IEC National include representation on NEC Code Panels as well as Federal Government issues affecting the electrical industry and the development of a nationally recognized apprenticeship program just to name a few.  IEC also offers a competitive insurance program to our members.

Locally, there are many services made available to IEC-OKC members.  These include representation on the CIB Board, the Electrical Examining Committee and the Oklahoma City Codes and Review Panel.  IEC-OKC also serves as the voice of its members at the state government level.  Since continued training is integral to the success of  a contractor, their workforce and is a part of the industry,  IEC-OKC offers many different courses. We are actively working to develop new programs to help further the knowledge of our members.  All courses are provided at a discounted rate to our members.

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