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About Us

In 1961, the IEC-OKC (Independent Electrical Contractors – Oklahoma City chapter) was created by 31 charter members across the state who saw a need for a collective voice for open-shop electrical contractors and a mechanism for training the industry’s future workers.  Some of the founding members included Bowers Electric, Boggs Electric, Bramlett Electric, C & C Electric, Cobb Electric, Colter Electric, Cotton Electric, Del City Electric, Depron Electric, Bill Green Electric, Hames Electric, Hentricks Electric, Otto Krueger Electric, Matthews Electric, Miller Electric, Moisant Electric, A.E. Nott Electric, Parker Electric, Roy Smith Electric, Stanbrough Electric, Wallace Electric, M.A. Walker Electric, Wright Electric & last but not least Winfred Electric and a few more.  It is also important to note that one of the signatures on the earliest documents from IEC National, originating in Texas was by a Mr. Paul Colter – Colter Electric from Oklahoma City, OK in 1958.  (Special Thanks to Winfred Wright, Jim Krueger, Buddy Cobb and Charles Duncan for their assistance in the recall and preservation of IEC-OKC history.)

Our Mission

To promote and support merit shop electrical contracting to provide education and training for continued improvement of the industry.  To be a viable part of the community providing service with integrity.

About IEC National

Founded in 1957, the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) is a national trade association for merit shop electrical contractors. IEC has 52 chapters across the country which represent over 4,000 member companies and trains over 14,000 apprentices each year.  Its mission is to develop and foster a stronger economy through the level of quality and services its members provide to the industry.

The association’s first offices were located in Texas.  In 1962, IEC was granted a certificate of incorporation.  In 1972, IEC convinced the U.S. Department of Labor to adopt national pattern standards of Apprentices and Training and, for the very first time, registered apprenticeship was recognized across the country for those adopting the “Open or Merit Shop” philosophy.

IEC National continually strives to expand services to its members, as well as providing a strong voice for independent electrical contractors on the many issues affecting the industry.


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IEC-OKC is represented by two full time staff members.  Our current Executive Director is Tim Yaciuk and our Apprenticeship Coordinator is Robert Lowry.  Please contact either of them with any questions or for further information

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